Enjoying Smile Improvements That Truly Last

Some improvements are bound to be short-term. You may love your latest haircut, but your hair will keep growing, so you can find yourself returning to the salon relatively soon. With that said, you can be understandably interested in how long improvements last when you have cosmetic dental work done. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we can work with you to determine what kind of treatment might produce the results you truly desire for your appearance, and recommend different procedures to help. We offer porcelain veneers, which can provide big improvements that last for many years. We can also provide results that endure with other treatments. For example, you can sustain a brighter smile by undergoing a professional whitening treatment, and using a custom kit to touch up your smile over time.

Preserving Your Bright Smile After Your Initial Whitening Treatment

Our advanced whitening procedure combines in-office treatment with the use of an at-home whitening kit to make teeth up to SIXTEEN shades brighter than they were at the start of your care. What you may be concerned about is how long this improvement is really going to last. Your enamel can pick up new stains after a whitening procedure, just as you were susceptible to stains before you arranged cosmetic work. Changing your habits to avoid products that are a real risk for discoloration can help. To provide even more support against new stains, you can perform touch-ups to treat new stains with a kit you receive after whitening is completed.

The Right Cosmetic Restoration Can Be Attractive And Durable

We can provide big smile improvements with porcelain veneers, and through dental bonding work. When patients opt for receiving veneers, they have durable, attractive shells placed on the front of their teeth. Because they are so slim, they may look vulnerable, but the porcelain material used to craft these restorations is remarkably strong. As a result, your improved smile can be sustained over time. Dental bonding involves the use of composite resin, a material that is also trusted to create lifelike dental fillings. This material can also be resilient enough to allow you to preserve your smile improvements.

Tips For Avoiding Future Problems With Your Smile

While you can touch up your teeth after a whitening treatment, veneers and teeth restored via dental bonding can be unresponsive to the effects of whitening agents. With that said, your cosmetic work can be resilient enough to resist stains over time. No matter what treatment option you choose, you should make a point to avoid products that can leave stains, or at least cut back on them in a notable way. If you want to keep up with your smile over time after treatment, make sure you keep up with your general dental health by attending regular dental exams.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Long-Term Smile Improvements

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