Finding Time To Schedule Cosmetic Dental Work

Even though you have issues with your smile, you have yet to make time for cosmetic dental work. For some people, the belief that cosmetic work might take too much time is enough to keep them from making meaningful improvements to the look of their teeth. When you look into your treatment options, you can discover that a procedure is easier to fit into your schedule than you might have thought possible! You can set up a cosmetic consultation at our Rochester, MN dental office to find out what your treatment options are, and how long a procedure might take. Cosmetic dentistry makes amazing smile improvements possible, and the right treatment can deliver those improvements in a remarkably short period!

What Kind Of Smile Problems Can I Solve With Cosmetic Work?

What issue, or issues, would you like to address with cosmetic dental work? There are several procedures that our practice can provide. If you only want to do something about stained teeth, you can inquire about a professional whitening treatment. You should also know that if you have concerns about the shape or size of teeth, or even their alignment, different procedures can make the corrections you want to see. For example, you can enjoy an effective smile makeover by addressing flaws with porcelain veneers. Your veneers will be made for your specific needs, so they can allow you to show off the smile you truly want to share with others!

Your Cosmetic Treatment Can Take Less Time Than You Might Expect

How long is it going to take for you to see the results you want from cosmetic work? Dental bonding work can have your smile restored after just one appointment. Instead of using a custom restoration to make improvements, composite resin material is carefully applied to improve the shape, size, or color of teeth. This can lead to coverage for chips and cracks, and it can even close a space between two teeth! Because we use CEREC technology to make lifelike crowns, it is possible to have one of these restorations put in place to improve the look of an unhealthy tooth in one appointment.

How Long Will My Smile Improvements Last?

If you take good care of your teeth on a daily basis, you can look forward to preserving the results of your cosmetic work for many years! The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to give someone noteworthy smile improvements that they can continue to show off. If you want to make sure your improvements are sustained, you can discuss preventive care measures with your dentist, and keep up with regular dental exams.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Cosmetic Dental Work

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, patients who are eager to improve the way they look can be excited to learn how cosmetic dental work might help them! If you would like to schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.