Can A Crown Really Improve A Tooth’s Appearance?

Developing a custom dental crown means crafting a restoration that will fit comfortably once it has been placed. It also means providing you with protection for a vulnerable tooth that will help you with biting and chewing functions. What you might not expect is that a properly made crown from our Rochester, MN dental practice can also help you improve your smile! We use CEREC technology to produce custom crowns at our location, which can make the process of restoring your tooth take less time. You can find that in addition to receiving functional support from your crown, you can count on it to offer meaningful smile improvements, as the material used to craft it will be a great match for the look and color of your enamel.

Using A Restoration To Address An Obvious Smile Flaw

A problem with a specific tooth can create problems for your quality of life you are eager to correct. You can find that your flawed tooth feels out of place with the rest of your smile, which can hurt your appearance. It is also possible that your tooth might be unable to properly contribute to your biting and chewing due to its size, or because of damage. Restorations are used to address any concerns that result from these issues.

We Can Craft A Dental Crown In Less Time

Your dental crown will be a good fit for your tooth, and it can blend in naturally with your surrounding smile. When you rely on other dental offices to place a dental crown for you, the process can require multiple appointments, as many other practices use third party labs to create these restorations. Because our practice uses CEREC technology to make single-visit crowns, you can have impressive work done in just one appointment! This arrangement also ensures that your dentist will be able to oversee every step of your crown’s development.

Making Sure Your Smile Needs Are Effectively Addressed

While it might seem odd to think of a dental crown is an effective solution to a cosmetic dental concern, a modern restoration can certainly be good for your appearance! With that said, this is just one option we offer to those who want to feel more confident in the way they look. You can also look at having porcelain veneers placed, which only cover the front of a tooth, meaning you will need less work on your healthy tooth structure. If you have questions, or simply want to know more about your treatment options, we do offer complimentary cosmetic consultations.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About A Dental Crown To Restore Your Smile

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, you can look forward to receiving a dental crown that can restore your dental function, as well as your appearance! Our practice is proud to offer single-visit crowns, so the process of caring for your smile can take less time. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.