The Look Of Your Teeth Can Affect Your Perceived Age

Your choice in clothing, your hairstyle and color, and your skincare regimen can affect your perceived age. One thing people sometimes overlook is how the condition of their teeth can influence the way they look, and an unflattering smile may leave you looking older than you really are! If you have accumulated teeth stains, problems with dental wear and tear, or visible chips or cracks, you can be understandably worried that this problem affects you. Fortunately, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can provide quality cosmetic dental work, so your smile can take on a more youthful appearance! If you want to find out how the right procedure can help you, we do offer free cosmetic consultations where you can explore your treatment options.

Unhealthy Or Unattractive Teeth Can Make You Appear Older

Some problems, like accumulated teeth stains, or dental wear and tear, can build up over time to cause problems with the way a person looks. Of course, because youth and health are often linked, any problems that reflect poor oral health may cause an individual to look older than they are. This means that unhealthy teeth, or teeth that have visible damage, may impact how old you appear to be.

Making Smile Corrections With Modern Cosmetic Dental Work

Your dentist can work with you on correcting problems that affect your smile, so that you can feel renewed confidence in your appearance. If you want to flash your whitest smile, our advanced professional whitening treatment is able to improve the color of a person’s enamel by as many as sixteen shades! We can also provide porcelain veneers to cover up dental wear and tear you have acquired. Your veneers can also help you with poor alignment, discoloration, and superficial damages.

Stepping Up Your Efforts To Maintain Your Teeth

When you complete cosmetic dental work, you can certainly feel motivated to take care of your smile. After all, once you have the improvements you have desired, you should do your best to maintain them! Your dentist can help you during routine dental exams. These visits can help you manage your risk for tooth decay, and they allow your dentist to check on cosmetic restorations, like veneers. If you are worried about keeping your teeth as white as possible, avoid (or at least restrict) your consumption of products like coffee, tea, and other dark liquids. Dark and color-rich foods can also be a concern. If you use tobacco products, cut them from your life as soon as possible, as they can expose your teeth to serious stains, while also increasing the likelihood that you will suffer from serious oral health issues.

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