Enjoy The Special Dogs Downtown Event August 3

On Saturday, August 3, downtown Rochester will be going to the dogs, all thanks to the special Dogs Downtown event! Dogs Downtown is an open invitation for families to bring their furry friends out to enjoy games, crafts, and other activities. This will be a FREE event where dog owners and dog lovers can gather to celebrate the summer with canine companions. Is your smile starting to look “ruff” due to dental discoloration? We offer an advanced whitening treatment at our Rochester, MN dental practice that can produce great improvements! You can schedule a free cosmetic consultation to find out more!


The Dogs Downtown event is happening on Saturday, August 3. Events are scheduled to occur from 11 am until 3 pm.


This special event is taking place at Peace Plaza Downtown, located on 1st Avenue SW and 1st Street SW.


You can attend Dogs Downtown for FREE, as the event will be open to everyone in and around Rochester.

Activities Include:

For Dogs Downtown, the Rochester community will have a chance to bring their dogs to enjoy great games, crafts, and other activities. This free event will offer residents a great way to enjoy the summer with all of their family members, including your pet!

For More Information:

For more information about this special upcoming event, please click here.

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