Month: July 2019

Pinpointing The Specific Smile Changes You Want To Make

How can you be sure that the right cosmetic dental procedure is out there for you? What can you do to ensure that a treatment will be capable of helping you show off your ideal smile? At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are committed to delivering the esthetic improvements you really want. You can… Read more »

Will I Need To Change My Habits To Preserve Cosmetic Work?

You might be surprised by how accessible, and convenient, cosmetic dental work can be! At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we can provide lifelike dental crowns, and perform dental bonding work, in just one appointment. Of course, no matter how long or short a procedure might take, you likely want your improvements to last as… Read more »

August Marks The Last Month Of The Thursdays Downtown Series

Throughout the summer season, Rochester families have been able to go out and enjoy the special Thursdays Downtown series. This program has livened up the downtown area, making it a fun destination for families to check out. Just as summer will wrap up before we know it, Thursdays Downtown will come to an end –… Read more »

3 Common Smile Flaws We Can Address For You

You may not be the only person with a certain type of smile flaw, but your feeling about the look of your teeth, as well as your overall appearance, can certainly be personal. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we offer cosmetic consultations to individuals who want to know how they can make real improvements… Read more »

Can A Crown Really Improve A Tooth’s Appearance?

Developing a custom dental crown means crafting a restoration that will fit comfortably once it has been placed. It also means providing you with protection for a vulnerable tooth that will help you with biting and chewing functions. What you might not expect is that a properly made crown from our Rochester, MN dental practice… Read more »

Finding A Solution For Dental Alignment Flaws

An aggravating issue with overlapping teeth, or a problem with visible gaps between teeth, can leave you with anxiety about your appearance. While this issue is understandably a frustrating one, you should know that your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to offer cosmetic dental work that can lead to great solutions! For matters that… Read more »

Check Out The Olmsted County Free Fair July 22-28!

Rochester residents are just a few days away from enjoying this year’s Olmsted County Free Fair! From Monday, July 22 through Sunday, July 28, the fair will provide a variety of great activities. There will be classic carnival games and treats, live music, and a number of other exciting attractions. This is a great opportunity… Read more »

Correcting Smile Flaws Without Permanent Restorations

While a permanent restoration can work wonders on the look of a tooth, this approach is not always required. You might be surprised to know that cosmetic dental procedures that do not require a custom-made dental veneer or crown can help individuals do something about the appearance of misshapen, poorly sized, or damaged teeth. Our… Read more »

The Look Of Your Teeth Can Affect Your Perceived Age

Your choice in clothing, your hairstyle and color, and your skincare regimen can affect your perceived age. One thing people sometimes overlook is how the condition of their teeth can influence the way they look, and an unflattering smile may leave you looking older than you really are! If you have accumulated teeth stains, problems… Read more »

Is Your Smile As Bright As It Could Be?

Many people can be sensitive to issues with the color of their teeth, especially when they recognize how their smile might have dulled over time. It can be difficult to completely avoid the food and drink items that can leave staining particles behind, and even a preventive dental care routine that prevents cavities can leave… Read more »