Month: June 2019

Experience The Living History Fair In Rochester July 20-21

On Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21, Rochester, MN families are encouraged to check out the Living History Fair taking place at the History Center Of Olmsted County! Over the course of these two days, the History Center is bringing the past to life with special reenactments, lessons, and activities that keep everyone entertained… Read more »

Working Through All Of Your Concerns About Your Smile

When you think about your smile, and the smile you would prefer to show off to the world, you can realize that the cosmetic dental improvements you want will have to address several problems. This does not mean that you will need to plan multiple procedures to make all of those desired changes – you… Read more »

Ask Your Dentist Questions About Dental Bonding

While you may be unsure of what it will take to help you reach your goals, you can have a clear idea of how you want your smile to look after undergoing cosmetic dental work. Your Rochester, MN dentist understands that while cosmetic work can be appealing, a lack of information can make it hard… Read more »

Fitting A Cosmetic Treatment Into Your Summer Plans

We are in the midst of yet another summer season, and our Rochester, MN dental practice certainly hopes you and your family are making the most of it! The warmer weather and the extra time with kids can be fun, but that fun never seems to last as long as it should. While the summer… Read more »

Enjoy Family Fun Day At The Rochester Art Center

As part of this year’s Rochesterfest activities, families can go to the Rochester Art Center on Saturday, June 29 for Family Fun Day! On this special day, a number of family-friendly activities are planned for guests to the Rochester Art Center. You can enjoy different art-themed programs on the first floor, then check out the… Read more »

Veneers Are Carefully Crafted To Fit Teeth

Why does it matter that veneers are designed specifically for your teeth, and based on your desired smile improvements? To look their best, porcelain veneers should fit precisely, and avoid leaving any of your natural dental material exposed. In order to ensure your cosmetic dental procedure is truly effective at giving you your best smile,… Read more »

Restoring Your Appearance After Injuring Your Tooth

In the moment you suffer a tooth injury, you can fear that your smile is permanently compromised. Even a relatively minor type of harm can leave you with a chip or crack that seems to dominate your appearance. When this occurs, you should know that your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you… Read more »

Performing Follow-Up Treatments After Teeth Whitening

Patients can certainly look forward to the end of their professional whitening treatment. After all, the end of treatment is the start of the point where you can start showing off your bright, white smile! One concern you might have is that while your results are impressive, your teeth are still vulnerable to the kinds… Read more »

Take Advantage Of The Rochesterfest Friends Book Sale!

From Tuesday, June 25 through Thursday, June 27, Rochester area families will have opportunities to take advantage of a special sale happening at our local library! The Rochester Public Library is hosting the Rochesterfest Friends Book Sale, which will put many great items up for grabs. This is a perfect time to stock up on… Read more »

What To Do If Your Tooth Changes Color After An Injury

When it comes to dental injuries, you may have to worry about more than just chipping or cracking. Sometimes, a tooth will respond to trauma by producing more dentin, the material below your enamel. If this change occurs, it can have the effect of making your tooth’s color change. Because of this, it can stand… Read more »