Check Out This “Historic” 1860s Base Ball Game In Rochester!

Baseball has been through so many changes over the decades that a glimpse into its early history can be a unique experience. Rochester families will have an opportunity to enjoy that experience on Saturday, June 8, during a special game between the Rochester Roosters, and Rochester’s Police and Fire Departments. The Roosters bring historic 1860s “Base Ball” back to life for crowds by using the rules, equipment, and uniforms featured in this historic period. This special game is being held by the History Center Of Olmsted County. Baseball is not the only thing that has changed over the years – advancements in the world of dental care have made it possible to do stunning smile work. Our Rochester, MN dental practice is ready to provide great cosmetic dental treatment!


The historic “Base Ball” game between the Roosters and the city’s Fire and Police Departments is taking place on the afternoon of Saturday, June 8.


The game is being held at the History Center Of Olmsted County’s Schmitt Field. The address is 1195 W Circle Drive SW, Rochester, MN.


Admission to the game will cost two bits (twenty-five cents) per ticket.

Activities Include:

You can watch a special game of classic baseball, or “base ball,” as it was once known, featuring 1860s rules, attire, and equipment! The Roosters are taking on a special team comprised of local police officers and firefighters.

For More Information:

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