3 Habits That Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Appearance

While your teeth may be less bright than you remember, you can still be more or less comfortable with the way your smile looks. Still, if you are seeing a change in the color of your teeth, you can be understandably worried about how further stains might impact the way you look. You can also worry that other problems, like visible wear and tear, might change your appearance for the worst. You can be glad to know that your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can offer outstanding teeth whitening results with a professional whitening treatment. This is one of many cosmetic dental services available to you. Our practice can help you address problems with the color, shape, and even the size of your teeth – if you want to find out how, you can learn more by arranging a complimentary cosmetic consultation.

1. Grinding Your Teeth And Chewing On Hard Surfaces

If you are guilty of idly biting or chewing on hard substances out of habit, you could be speeding up the effects of wear and tear on your teeth. If too much harm accumulates, it can eventually affect the shape and look of your smile, leading to your showing off teeth that look older, and not as healthy. Fortunately, you can rely on porcelain veneers to cover up this harm, so your smile can appear bright and healthy.

2. Drinking Dark And Color-Rich Beverages

Many foods and beverages are capable of leaving behind particles that stain your teeth. Because so many of us rely on certain drinks to carry us through our usual day, your beverage choices can be particularly consequential. It might be hard to imagine your daily life without a dose of caffeine from coffee or tea, but too much of either can lead to smile discoloration. You also have to worry about soft drinks. Because soft drinks are so acidic, they can wear down your enamel and make it easier for harmful particles to stick.

3. An Inconsistent Or Rushed Brushing Routine

While it can be difficult to make dramatic improvements to the color of your smile with brushing alone, a consistent habit of cleaning your teeth can help you remove those newly-arrived stains on the surface of teeth before they become harder to deal with. In addition to brushing to remove these staining particles, drinking more water throughout the day can help you wash away harmful agents.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Improve Your Appearance

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