Month: May 2019

Enjoy The Rochester Shakespeare Festival June 15!

On Saturday, June 15, Rochester families are encouraged to enjoy the Rochester Shakespeare Festival! This special event is taking place at Peace Plaza Downtown, and it promises to offer plenty of fun for everyone. There will be street performers showing off their skills, live music, kids’ activities, and much more! Throughout the day, people can… Read more »

Finding Your Preferred Approach To Closing A Smile Gap

Smile gaps, like other problems with the alignment of a person’s teeth, can be a frustrating source of embarrassment. Many people find that their gap hurts the quality of their appearance, and they can feel less at ease smiling in pictures, or even with the idea of people noticing the gap when they speak or… Read more »

Are You Worried Your Dental Wear And Tear Is Noticeable?

Your teeth are used for an important, but difficult, job. The typical person will eat several meals, plus snacks, over the course of a typical day. Every time you do this, your teeth can experience friction while you bite and chew food. As durable as your enamel is, this process can lead to wear and… Read more »

Rochester’s Thursdays Downtown Events Start In June

Starting on Thursday, June 8, Rochester will host its special Thursdays Downtown event series! From that date through August, the downtown Rochester area will host a special street market that encourages residents to come out and enjoy some community fun with live music, great food, and attractive art pieces. This is a great excuse to… Read more »

How Many Procedures Will You Need To Transform Your Smile?

The idea of transforming your smile can seem intriguing, especially if you have longstanding issues with your appearance. However, as appealing as cosmetic dental work can be, you may feel intimidated by the prospect of multiple treatments. What you might not realize is that with the right procedure, you can see all of the changes… Read more »

Restoring A Damaged Tooth To Improve Your Smile

Even if a chip or a crack in your tooth does not threaten your oral health, it can be a big issue for you. Dental damage can lead to a permanent change in your appearance, as your enamel has a limited ability to recover from harm. You can have your damaged tooth reviewed at your… Read more »

Find Out How Invisalign Can Lead To Big Smile Changes

There are daily efforts you can commit to in order to protect your teeth from a variety of cosmetic dental concerns. Changing your diet and brushing regularly can help you limit your exposure to particles from foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Keeping your teeth healthy, and protecting them from unnecessary wear and… Read more »

Check Out This “Historic” 1860s Base Ball Game In Rochester!

Baseball has been through so many changes over the decades that a glimpse into its early history can be a unique experience. Rochester families will have an opportunity to enjoy that experience on Saturday, June 8, during a special game between the Rochester Roosters, and Rochester’s Police and Fire Departments. The Roosters bring historic 1860s… Read more »

Schedule Smile Improvements With The Placement Of Veneers

Scheduling a cosmetic consultation with your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can lead to useful information regarding your potential smile improvements. This is about more than just learning what different cosmetic dental treatments involve. You can describe your concerns about your current smile, discuss what improvements you would like to see, and find out how different… Read more »

3 Habits That Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Appearance

While your teeth may be less bright than you remember, you can still be more or less comfortable with the way your smile looks. Still, if you are seeing a change in the color of your teeth, you can be understandably worried about how further stains might impact the way you look. You can also… Read more »