Figuring Out Why You Are Experiencing A Toothache

That troublesome toothache can be more than just a daily inconvenience. Discomfort concentrated in a particular tooth can be a warning that you have an issue with a cavity that has grown serious, or the symptom of a dental injury that has led to an infection. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to review your tooth, and let you know what the issue might be. Once the cause is determined, the appropriate treatment can be arranged. Issues that cause persistent dental pain can often call for restorative work that permanently alters a tooth. Fortunately, you can have a restoration in the form of a dental crown that can be custom-made at our office in a single appointment!

Your Aching Tooth Can Be A Warning That Something Is Wrong

If your tooth continues to ache, there may be an issue in need of prompt attention. You could be suffering from a cavity that has reached your pulp. When this occurs, the problem will take a root canal treatment to address – without this procedure, an infection can eventually destroy your tooth, and make extraction the only option. Internal problems are often called by cavities, but decay is not the only reason a tooth becomes infected. Your pulp can also be exposed to harmful agents when your tooth is injured, particularly when it is cracked. If pain continues to be a problem for you after you injure a tooth, it should be reviewed.

Arranging Treatment To Stop Your Tooth Pain

Your dentist will make a determination for how to treat your smile after your problem has been identified. While people sometimes hesitate to arrange a root canal due to a fear of discomfort, you should know that modern care can make this experience better than you might expect. Once anesthetic is administered, your dentist can perform necessary work without causing pain in your tooth. By removing infected tissues, and filling the tooth’s pulp, your dentist will move on to arranging the placement of a durable and lifelike restoration.

Receiving A Durable Restoration To Protect Your Tooth After Treatment

Single-day dental crowns offer many exciting advantages that can make oral health care more convenient, and pleasant. Convenience is one benefit that people certainly appreciate – instead of waiting on a dental lab to make your crown, our office has all the necessary equipment to make yours on site! This takes place after your tooth is carefully measured, so your restoration will be a custom fit. You can also notice that the crown is made to match the look and color of your surrounding teeth, so it blends in easily, and does not hurt your smile.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry If You Are Experiencing A Toothache

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