Find Out How A Bonding Treatment Can Change Your Smile

Correcting unattractive issues with the shape, color, or even the size of certain teeth that hurt your smile can be easier than you might expect. In fact, you can find that your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can make meaningful corrections to your appearance with cosmetic dental work that does not require the placement of a permanent restoration. Instead, your dentist can improve your appearance by carefully applying composite resin to flawed teeth. By going through this process, known as a dental bonding treatment, you can see real changes made to your appearance in as little as one appointment!

What Takes Place During A Dental Bonding Treatment

A dental bonding procedure uses the composite resin material that will also be used when you need a dental filling to restore your tooth. After examining your tooth, and determining how to best improve your tooth, the composite resin is carefully applied to your tooth, with care taken to improve the tooth’s shape and size. The color of this material can help improve the color of a tooth, and to make sure it fits in with your smile.

Treatment Alternatives To Dental Bonding

A dental bonding treatment can lead to great changes for your appearance, and a big boost in your confidence. For many people, this can be an ideal means of changing your smile for the better. With that said, other approaches to improving your smile are available to you. You can rely on the placement of porcelain veneers to help you with your smile – veneers are permanently applied restorations that can hide any visible flaws with a tooth. If your dentist is concerned about the condition of a tooth you want to improve through cosmetic work, the right approach may be to provide a dental crown for both added support and esthetic improvement.

A Cosmetic Consultation Can Help You Understand Your Options For Smile Improvement

Are you sure you want to improve your smile, but unsure of how those improvements should be made? You do have the option of setting up a complementary cosmetic consultation to learn more about the benefits of treatment. You can discuss your goals for your smile improvement, and learn more about the different treatments that can be used to help you.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Scheduling A Bonding Treatment

A bonding treatment at Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is capable of making remarkable changes to the way you look! You can rely on this procedure to make flawed teeth look brighter and healthier, and even change their shape and size. This is one of many services that Rochester, MN residents can rely on to make real improvements to their appearance. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.