3 Issues That Can Affect You If You Experience Tooth Loss

When you keep up with an effective oral health care regimen, and stay consistent with scheduling dental exams, you can keep your smile healthy. These efforts protect you from many different problems, but few issues are as serious as tooth loss. Losing even one tooth can have a potentially serious impact on the quality of your smile, your oral health, and your dental function. While missing teeth can have a negative affect on your daily life, there are also worrying long-term complications you have to worry about. Fortunately, your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is ready to help improve your smile, and your oral health, with modern prosthetic dental work. By offering dental implants to keep your teeth stable, your dentist can give you an impressive long-term answer for tooth loss.

1. Problems With Your Appearance

One of the most immediately recognizable issues with tooth loss is its impact on your appearance. Obviously, the effect on your smile will depend on which tooth has been lost. If you lose a tooth that is prominently seen when you smile, you can find it difficult to hide the problem, which can create serious feelings of discomfort with the way you look. Fortunately, a dental crown placed on an implant can make your smile look complete again, and end your feelings of discomfort.

2. Troubles With Biting And Chewing

Losing just one tooth can create a problem with your dental function that makes biting and chewing more difficult. If you lose several teeth, you can even face frustrating limitations on the range of foods you can enjoy. Over time, you can wear down teeth that remain because you have to put them through more work; this can make their risk for dental problems higher.

3. A Loss Of Jawbone Mass

As you learn more about dental implants, you can find that they have an important benefit for patients who receive them. Other solutions for tooth loss can improve your smile, and may even help you improve your dental function. Dental implants offer a particular advantage over these other prosthetic solutions – when an implant is in place, you can create stimulation in your jaw that prevents deterioration from occurring. After tooth loss, the absence of your tooth root can affect the delivery of nutrients to your jawbone. Biting and chewing with an implant can mimic the stimulation of a root, and restore the delivery of nutrients.

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