Month: April 2019

Finding A Truly Effective Treatment For Dental Discoloration

If you only see mild improvements after your efforts to brighten your teeth with a store bought whitening product, you can become frustrated at the thought that your smile will continue to appear dull. Teeth stains can be difficult to avoid, and they can make your teeth seem older and less attractive. For improvements that… Read more »

Using Invisalign As A Modern Alternative To Braces

Invisalign appliances make orthodontic improvements possible without the kind of metal braces you might assume you need to fix problems with gaps and overlaps that hurt your smile. With your appliances, you can discreetly move your teeth into better positions over time. You can even enjoy the comfort of appliances that you can remove on… Read more »

Check Out The Garden Fair In Rochester On June 1!

On Saturday, June 1, you and your family can check out the Garden Fair event in Rochester! During this family friendly occasion, there will be games for kids, expert gardeners ready to discuss questions people have about their home gardens, and plenty of vendors on site. This special event is helping raise funds for homeless… Read more »

Is Your Oral Health Routine Really Keeping Your Teeth Safe?

With the right oral care regimen, it is possible to keep your teeth, and your gums, safe from the kinds of dental problems, like tooth decay, people often face. With that said, there are people who confidently show up to their general dental appointments and discover – to their shock – that they need some… Read more »

Figuring Out Why You Are Experiencing A Toothache

That troublesome toothache can be more than just a daily inconvenience. Discomfort concentrated in a particular tooth can be a warning that you have an issue with a cavity that has grown serious, or the symptom of a dental injury that has led to an infection. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to review… Read more »

Keep Encouraging Your Kids To Take Care Of Their Teeth

Kids can count on their enamel to stay in great shape as they bite and chew food, but they can still benefit from extra oral health support. This is because, simply put, they lack the knowledge and experience in preventive dental care that adults have acquired over the years. You can help your child keep… Read more »

Rochester’s Downtown Farmers Market Returns May 4!

Rochester residents can look forward to finding a wide assortment of fresh, locally grown products thanks to the return of the Downtown Farmers Market! As of May 4, the market will once again open each Saturday. You can travel to the downtown market and find a number of healthy fruits and vegetables, while also enjoying… Read more »

Avoiding The Dentist Can Seriously Affect Your Smile

When you deprive your smile of quality dental care, you can experience real problems with your oral health, and your appearance. Missing out on general oral care from your dentist means losing out on thorough cleanings, and reviews that can alert you to problems. Without checkups, you can allow a cavity to develop, and grow… Read more »

3 Tips To Aid You In Your Cavity Prevention Efforts

If you want to keep your smile attractive and healthy, you need to protect yourself against dental decay. If you want to maintain an effective regimen to stop cavities from forming, you should count on personal support, and the support of your dentist. Your daily activities should help you consistently clear bacteria and plaque buildup… Read more »

Making Sure Your Tooth Has Enough Protection After A Cavity

Our teeth suffer permanent damage from cavities. When decay becomes serious enough for you to need dental work to repair the problem, your tooth will need to receive the appropriate restoration. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to offer important support, while also making sure the look of your smile does not become flawed… Read more »