Tooth Decay Worsens Over Time If You Don’t Seek Treatment

When your cavity is treated, your tooth is protected from the threat of decay, and the risk of an infection. Scheduling cavity care with your Rochester, MN dentist can put a stop to the harm caused by tooth decay – if you catch that cavity early enough, you can only require a dental filling. So what happens to a tooth when a cavity goes untreated? Eventually, decay can become serious enough to infect the interior of your tooth, causing a potentially painful infection. When this occurs, you can face the risk that bacteria will travel through your tooth, and create new trouble for your overall health.

What An Untreated Cavity Can Do To Your Oral Health

A recently-formed cavity does permanent damage to your enamel. While this should be brought to your dentist’s attention, you can be relieved to know that once treated, the threat can be eliminated. A special resin material used to make fillings can actually match your restoration to your enamel, to avoid cosmetic problems. If that recent cavity keeps growing, decay will eventually expose your pulp. Because the pulp contains a tooth’s living nerves, this can lead to an uncomfortable infection, which can cause you to feel pain, and experience sensitivity to heat and cold.

The Progression Of Your Cavity Can Affect How Your Tooth Is Treated

What is your dentist going to do for you when you arrive for cavity treatment? You can anticipate the placement of a dental filling for a cavity caught in its early stages, but what will it take to stop a more serious degree of infection? In a situation where a person’s tooth has become infected, a root canal treatment is required. The root canal protects you from further harm from a cavity, puts a stop to its growth, and leads to the removal of infected living tissues. After a more advanced cavity is treated, your dentist can provide your affected tooth support from a dental crown.

Keep Up With Regular Dental Care To Limit Your Risk For Untreated Cavities

If you want to avoid advanced cavities, you should take advantage of general dental health services. One of the obvious benefits of professional care is that you can have your smile treated to stop potential threats before they occur. You also receive feedback about the condition of your smile, which means you are warned about cavities that have developed. After identifying the trouble, you and your dentist can discuss your prompt treatment.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Provide Quality Care For Tooth Decay

Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is ready to help you take on cavity troubles! Our practice can provide early treatment for a newly developed cavity, and more involved care when decay grows serious. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.