Avoiding Bad Habits That Increase Your Cavity Risk

Your Rochester, MN dentist provides dedicated care every time you come in for a routine appointment. In between those visits, seemingly minor choices can have a big impact on your oral health. Sometimes, people fail to realize what they are really putting their teeth through. You can increase your cavity risk because you tend to reach for unhealthy snacks when hungry. You can put your smile in jeopardy because you occasionally sleep in, and have to rush your morning routine, which affects how effectively you brush your teeth. Controlling your cavity risk with better choices, and routine dental care, can help you preserve your smile.

Taking Better Care Of Your Smile In The Morning

Your morning habits can have a real impact on the quality of your oral health. Brushing your teeth thoroughly means taking at least two minutes, and focusing on addressing all areas of your smile. During a morning where you are pressed for time, you might do a worse job removing harmful oral bacteria from your teeth than you realize. You can also affect the health of your teeth with your typical breakfast choices. Sugary pastries and sweetened cereals can increase your chances of developing tooth decay.

Are Your Snacking Habits Causing Problems For Your Teeth?

Are you likely to need a dental filling or dental crown because of tooth decay? You can be more likely to receive warnings about the state of your smile when you are careless about your snack choices. Unfortunately, it can be hard to avoid unhealthy treats when you are in a hurry and need to eat something quick. Packing smarter snacks for road trips, and for your work day, can help you avoid situations where you feel like choosing something loaded with sugar for a quick bite.

Keep Up With Dental Exams, Even When You Think Your Teeth Are In Great Shape

Better daily habits can matter in a big way when it comes to your oral health. With that said, making a habit of seeing your dentist for semiannual dental exams can have a significant effect on the long-term condition of your smile. Your dentist can catch signs of tooth decay and gum disease during a review, and recommend treatment before these problems have the chance to worsen. This can protect you from potentially serious challenges to your oral health, and limit the possibility you will need to have more involved treatment to restore your smile.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Manage Your Cavity Risk

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