A Visit From The Tooth Fairy, And A Lesson On Dental Hygiene

We recently sent Dr. Broderson and our patient coordinator, Barbara, on a special trip to the Kids Come First daycare next to our office. During the visit, the kids had the opportunity to learn about the importance of good oral health with Dr. Broderson and Barbara (our Tooth Fairy), who were excited to share facts and helpful tips about dental care. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is proud to focus on more than just treating problems when they arise. In addition to offering quality preventive dental care to patients of all ages, we take care to make sure our youngest patients are fully informed about the value of a healthy smile. Over the course of a pediatric dental visit, we combine standard care with helpful instructions that help kids protect their teeth between visits.

Teaching Kids The Importance Of Good Oral Health

During our visit, Dr. Broderson and the Tooth Fairy wanted to give kids a clearer understanding of why oral health care is so important. In addition to fielding questions from children about dental matters, we instructions, as well as demonstrations to keep everyone engaged. Our practice is also committed to providing good lessons during pediatric dental exams, too. While a child’s enamel can be just as tough as their parents’, a lack of understanding about oral health care – and a weakness for sugar – can make kids more susceptible to cavities.

Is It Time For Your Kids To Start Seeing The Dentist?

Recent parents can feel uncertain about when they need to bring a child in for their first dental appointment. Once their first tooth arrives, or at around the time of their first birthday, you should arrange an initial dental visit for your child. During this appointment, your dentist will do a visual check on the newly arrived tooth, to make sure there are no signs of concern. This first visit also gives them a chance to grow more comfortable at the dentist’s office.

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