Dental Implants Offer Effective Support For Your Restoration

You can be relieved when you finally plan work to restore your incomplete smile. After all, you can struggle with feelings of unease about the way you look after the loss of even one tooth. Of course, with a modern approach to prosthetic dental care, your Rochester, MN dentist can offer more than just a cosmetic improvement. Dental implants provide better support for your restoration. This means you can more confidently bite and chew, and you can feel more comfortable with the presence of your prosthetic. In the long term, the implant can actually help you maintain a healthy jawbone, as it encourages the flow of nutrients to the bone through important stimulation.

What Can I Gain From Having A Dental Implant Placed?

If you have an incomplete smile, you can be excited to have your implant in place. After all, once that implant is restored, you can show off a full smile once again. With that said, you can also appreciate the way an implant can keep a restoration in place permanently. An implant holds a prosthetic without needing work done on neighboring teeth in order to have a permanent, secure prosthetic. Your implant also produces stimulation in your jawbone, something that your lost tooth’s root once provided. That stimulation keeps your jawbone from suffering deterioration over time.

Planning Your Dental Implant Placement

People who are ready to do something about tooth loss can schedule an appointment to learn more about receiving a dental implants, or implants. To confirm that you can be approved for placement, your dentist uses advanced imaging tools to study the current health of your jawbone. A review of your oral health will also take place, as you may need to have treatment for other oral health issues that interfere with your candidacy. If you want to start the process of restoring your smile, or if you want to ask questions about dental implant placement, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Restoring Your Smile Can Boost Your Confidence, And Improve Your Dental Function

Few smile problems feel as conspicuous as tooth loss, particularly when the gap in your smile is in a particularly noticeable place. Fortunately, modern dental work can lead to the placement of a restoration that matches your natural teeth, so you can feel a renewed confidence in the way you look. You can also appreciate how your restoration, when held in place with a dental implant, is capable of offering real biting and chewing support!

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Dental Implants

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