Making Sure A Cracked Tooth Is Properly Treated

What could go wrong if you ignore a cracked tooth? You may not realize just how bad the damage really is…until the tooth’s condition worsens, and puts you in a state of serious discomfort. That crack may have weakened the tooth, which can lead to further damage after you bite down with it. You could also be vulnerable to a tooth infection, which will require a root canal before your tooth is lost! Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is ready to help patients with a cracked tooth regain their healthy, comfortable smile. Thanks to our in-office technology, a permanent dental crown for a cracked tooth can be ready in as little as one appointment!

How Serious Is A Cracked Tooth?

While different degrees of damage can affect the condition of your tooth, and how it should be treated, you should seek care any time you think a tooth might be cracked. If the injury is serious, the tooth could be at risk for being lost. In a minor case, the crack might be little more than a cosmetic dental problem. You should have your dentist examine the tooth and let you know how serious it might be. If you assume everything is fine, and try to go without professional care, you could find that the damage worsens, or that an infection creates persistent, painful toothaches.

Making Sure Your Oral Health Is Addressed When You Have An Injury

Addressing an injured tooth protects your tooth against infection, and keeps your smile attractive. It also helps you manage your dental function. While studying your cracked tooth, your dentist can take care of you if you have developed an infection. You can also have support for a weakened tooth in the form of a dental crown.

You Can Appreciate The Convenience Of A One-Visit Dental Crown

If you need a dental crown because of an injured tooth, or because you have an advanced cavity, there are several reasons to look forward to a one-visit crown available at our practice. Because we have in-office technology that allows us to produce a single-day crown, you can have your permanent restoration without an awkward wait. You can be happy to see that the convenient crown is also attractive, and capable of blending in with your smile.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Dentistry Can Offer Important Support For A Cracked Tooth

If you have any questions or concerns about a potentially cracked tooth, schedule an appointment at Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry as soon as possible. Our practice is ready to help you deal with the effects of a dental injury, in addition to providing ongoing preventive dental care. We are proud to make quality oral health support available to those in the Rochester, MN community, and those in surrounding areas. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.