Month: March 2019

Watch The Rochester Ensemble Of Dance Performance April 12

On Friday, April 12, the Allegro School Of Dance And Music will host its Rocester Ensemble Of Dance event, where you can thirty dancers show off a variety of styles and techniques. This event is appropriate for all ages, and everyone in attendance is welcome to stay for after-show refreshments, as well as a chance… Read more »

Solving Problems Sooner, Thanks To Better Imaging Technology

Brushing and flossing regularly, along with limiting your sugar, can help you feel confident that your smile is in good health. You can also feel confident because you do not have any current issues with dental discomfort. Does this mean you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your oral health? Unfortunately, you… Read more »

3 Solutions To Unflattering Smile Problems

Some people are closer to their ideal smile than others. While one person might worry about the color of their smile and nothing else, another might be concerned about stains, as well as issues with the shape or size of a few teeth. Your Rochester, MN dentist is prepared to offer cosmetic dental work for… Read more »

Speak With Your Dentist About Concerns Over Gum Disease

You can feel good about your oral health when you are confirmed to be free of cavities. However, you should not assume that freedom from cavities means that you have no issues with your oral health. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is committed to helping people in the area maintain healthy smiles. In addition to… Read more »

Rochester’s Haunted Trolley Tour Will Run This April!

Sure, Halloween is several months away, but any time can be a good time to learn more about Rochester’s spooky history. On Friday, April 12 and Friday, April 26, the Haunted Trolley Tour will take Rochester residents on a guided exploration of the city, with stops to learn more about some of the most haunted… Read more »

Treating An Injured Or Infected Tooth With A Root Canal

If you keep your teeth clean through brushing and flossing each day, and you consistently schedule preventive dental appointments, you can manage your risk for serious tooth troubles. If an advanced problem with a tooth does arise, your Rochester, MN dentist is ready to provide a root canal treatment to address it. Root canals are… Read more »

Tooth Decay Worsens Over Time If You Don’t Seek Treatment

When your cavity is treated, your tooth is protected from the threat of decay, and the risk of an infection. Scheduling cavity care with your Rochester, MN dentist can put a stop to the harm caused by tooth decay – if you catch that cavity early enough, you can only require a dental filling. So… Read more »

Am I Doing A Good Enough Job With My Flossing Routine?

When you floss, you target those spaces between teeth – in other words, the areas of your smile that are difficult to clean with a toothbrush alone. While the portions of your teeth that meet their neighbors are hard for you to reach, oral bacteria can still find their way onto these sections of your… Read more »

Rochester Will Host Its 44th Annual World Festival April 20

On Saturday, April 20, Rochester families can check out the forty-forth annual World Festival event! This special event, organized by the Rochester International Association, is a celebration of different cultures, with displays, performances, and global food offerings. You can also bring the kids for special children’s activities. Mayo High School in Rochester will host the… Read more »

How Much Time Should You Take Between Checkups?

Your smile received a glowing review at your last routine dental visit. You have total confidence in your oral care regimen, and you feel like there is just no possible way you have a cavity right now. Because your oral health matters so much to the look of your smile, and your general well-being, you… Read more »