Month: February 2019

Tips To Help You Avoid, And Address, Teeth Stains

While people can be well aware of what products are capable of causing teeth stains, they can have a hard time cutting or limiting them. Unfortunately, many popular foods and drinks can leave stains, and even if your efforts to protect yourself against cavities are effective, you can allow stains to gather. With that said,… Read more »

We Can Provide Care For A Damaged Tooth

Properly caring for a damaged tooth can mean more than just making the tooth look the way it did before you suffered an injury. Your Rochester, MN dentist will carefully evaluate the harm, and determine what kind of effect it has on the condition of your tooth. It may take restorative dental work in the… Read more »

Curious About Cosmetic Work? Set A Consultation!

You may not know what your dentist can do to help you, but you know there are changes you would like to make to your smile. If you want to learn more about what procedure, or procedures, can help you reach your goals, a cosmetic consultation can be a great first step towards improving your… Read more »

Enjoy The Rochester Thaw With Your Family On March 23!

On Saturday, March 23, Rochester area families are encouraged to go out and enjoy live music at the Rochester Thaw event! During this special concert, you can see a number of talented bands performing in the downtown area. This is an all-ages, all-day event that encourages everyone to enjoy great music, and appreciate the arts… Read more »

Addressing Flawed Teeth With A Bonding Treatment

The challenging issue with cosmetic dental flaws is that they can seem difficult to address. For too many people, the idea of improving the shape, size, or condition of a tooth can seem too remote because they imagine it to be a difficult, time-consuming process. What you should know is that the right procedure can… Read more »

We Can Welcome And Treat Everyone In Your Family

When it comes to finding the right practice for your oral health needs, you may need to consider more than just what it will take to keep your teeth healthy. When you have kids, you need to make sure their smiles are receiving important care, too. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to handle… Read more »

Using Modern Prosthetic Work To Regain Your Full Smile

How much of a difference is a dental prosthetic really going to make in your life? Will the restoration you receive effectively improve your smile? Can you have an easier time biting and chewing food once one is in place? Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you by discussing the placing of dental implants… Read more »

Track Down Unique Items At The Townsend Antique Flea Market!

If you love looking for rare, antique, and totally unique items, you can enjoy two great opportunities to look for great finds here in Rochester! The Townsend Antique Flea Market is being held at the Mayo Civic Center on Sunday, February 24 and Sunday, March 24. During these sales, you can visit with many different… Read more »

Sugar’s Effect On Your Teeth Can Be Far From Sweet

On Valentine’s Day, you can count on having access to plenty of sweet treats. You can receive something tasty from a romantic partner, help yourself to special goodies that someone brings to the office, or pick up a holiday-themed treat at the store. Who doesn’t love a tasty holiday treat? As a special occasion, sweets… Read more »

Can Stress Lead To Smile Problems?

Stress is able to interfere with your life in many different ways. In addition to causing general periods of unhappiness and worry, stress is capable of intruding on your oral health. This can occur because you fail to properly protect your teeth and gums in a stressful period, or because of the ways in which… Read more »