3 Christmastime Tips To Protect Your Kids’ Smiles

The weeks leading up to Christmas can be plenty festive. Between family gatherings, classroom parties, and stockings full of treats, kids can enjoy unusual access to tasty items. Unfortunately, these sweets are just as risky for teeth at Christmas as they would be at any other time of year. Even if you make an effort to limit how many goodies you keep in your home, you may want to assume that your children will have access to tasty items in other circumstances. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is ready to meet with kids for routine care, and make sure the holidays have not been too hard on their teeth. Until that next visit, you can take smart steps to keep your kids’ teeth safe from cavities around Christmas.

1. This Is A Great Time To Make Sure Your Kids Are Doing A Good Job Cleaning Their Teeth

You can tell your child to brush and floss before bed, but how can you be sure that they perform these habits effectively? This can be an especially smart time to check on them during their morning and nightly routines. With your guided instructions, and instructions provided by their dentist during pediatric visits, kids should know what to to do effectively clean their teeth.

2. Be Mindful About How Many Holiday Treats Your Kids Eat

When you attend family gatherings, or visit fun Christmas events, there can be treats that are readily available. While a little indulgence can be fine, too much of these good things can be bad for young smiles. Before you go somewhere, make sure kids know that there are limits on how many sweets they can have.

3. Planning Healthy Meals Can Help Keep Kids’ Smiles Strong

In between holiday gatherings, consider what you serve at the dinner table. Nutrient-rich meals that feature plenty of calcium, and little in the way of sugary, starchy items, can be better for everyone’s teeth.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Protect Your Kids’ Smiles

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