Month: December 2018

3 Smile-Friendly Resolutions To Help Prevent Cavities

The new year will hopefully bring many new opportunities, new friends, and new reasons to continue feeling excited for the future. Hopefully, one thing the new year will NOT bring is cavity trouble. Your Rochester, MN dentist can help you protect yourself when you come in for routine dental exams. These visits can protect you… Read more »

Experience The Old Order Amish Country Tour!

From now through Saturday, February 23, Rochester families have the opportunity to experience a totally different way of life by joining the Old Order Amish country tour! A guided trip will offer participants a chance to understand what daily life is like for the Amish community, and peruse the handcrafted goods they produce. The tour… Read more »

Make Sure Your Dental Checkups Are Set For 2019

Are you really prepared for 2019? You can have your resolutions all set, and plenty of plans to make this your best year yet, but have you taken the time to think about your smile needs for the new year? When you schedule your routine dental exams, you can be prepared to enjoy quality oral… Read more »

Enjoy Noon Year’s Eve At The Minnesota Children’s Museum

The Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester is hosting a special Noon Year’s Eve event! Families in and around Rochester can attend this fun celebration in advance of 2019 and enjoy games and other special activities, all leading up to a special countdown! There will be two events to accommodate a large expected turnout. You can arrive… Read more »

Reviewing Barbara’s Invisalign Treatment Experience

When Barbara decided she wanted to do something about her dental alignment issues, she knew where to go for help. As our office’s patient coordinator, she was already in the right place to discuss her options for orthodontic treatment. After receiving her Invisalign aligners, Barbara was able to take care of her smile needs without… Read more »

Using Dental Implants For Your Smile Restoration

If you have no idea what your dentist can do to help you address tooth loss, you can be unsure of what you gain by replacing those missing teeth. Even one absent tooth can be a valid cause for concern, whether or not that tooth is important to your appearance. Changes in your biting, chewing,… Read more »

Poor Gum Health Can Lead To Long-Term Consequences

What level of concern should you have around the health of your gums? If you take care of your smile with smart daily care, and schedule regular dental exams, you can protect yourself against the potential effects of periodontal trouble. If you are unsure of how effective your habits are at protecting your gums, or… Read more »

Donate To Our Food Drive To Help Rochester Families In Need

From now through December 28, your Rochester, MN dentist’s office will continue to accept donations for our ongoing food drive. We are working with Channel One Regional Food Bank to collect goods that will go towards helping members of the Rochester community in need. Canned and boxed items are being accepted, along with daily items… Read more »

Using The Holiday Break To Bring The Kids In For Dental Care

Holiday breaks give children precious time away from school, and their usual obligations. While this is certainly a time for family and holiday activities, it can also be a convenient time to handle important matters. For instance, the break can be an ideal time to schedule routine dental care for your child. Pediatric dental visits… Read more »

Dental Alignment Issues Can Affect More Than Your Smile

When you know someone who has gone through orthodontic treatment, you can expect to see a real difference in their smile once their procedure is completed. Because it can be so easy to recognize the cosmetic benefits of this work, some people can assume that the reason orthodontic work is recommended is to make esthetic… Read more »