Protecting Your Smile Against Thanksgiving Treats

While different families may have different treats on at the table, there are a few Thanksgiving staples we can look forward to each year. While you create your plate, and salivate over your dessert choices, you might want to think about the effect of too many starchy, sugary foods on your teeth. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving dishes can be unexpectedly rich in sugars and starches, which can lead to harm for your smile, and a potential risk for cavities. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office encourages patients to be mindful of their oral health all year long, but the holidays can make matters tricky. With that said, you can make a smart plan to enjoy the holidays without putting your enamel at risk.

Things To Think About When You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Plate

One way you can improve on your smile care at Thanksgiving is to think about what you drink. Staying hydrated helps you wash away food debris that might accumulate otherwise. Your hydration also makes it easier for you to produce saliva, which offers protection for your teeth. If you want to sample a number of different treats, and feel compelled to enjoy something sugary, limiting your portions can give you a taste without raising your risk needlessly.

Traveling For The Holiday? These Smart Tips Can Help You Keep Up With Your Smile Care

For families who travel around the holidays, preparedness can be important when it comes to smile care. Make sure kids and parents all have the necessary tools to clean their teeth – floss, their toothbrush, and toothpaste. While you may need travel size items if you fly somewhere, these items tend to be small enough to fit into a car-based trip without difficulty. You should make sure everyone keeps up with smile care while on the road, taking the time to brush and floss even when you are staying at a hotel, or with relatives.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Protect Your Smile

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