Month: November 2018

See Every Christmas Story Ever Told In Rochester!

From now through Sunday, December 9, Rochester area residents will have the opportunity to see Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some), a lively comedy play that adds raucous fun to the holiday spirit. Three actors will attempt to work in every single Christmas tale that has ever been told, and even work in… Read more »

Taking Care To Protect Your Smile Throughout 2019

A new year can provide new opportunities, and new challenges. Of course, when it comes to smile care, one goal should stay consistent no matter what the calendar says – you should take steps to defend yourself against oral health threats. That means taking the time, and making the effort, to thoroughly clean your teeth… Read more »

3 Treatment Options That Can Help With A Damaged Tooth

When your Rochester, MN dentist’s office addresses a dental injury, the severity of damage is assessed before the appropriate treatment is recommended. Why does the amount of damage matter? Some patients who come in with visible tooth trauma need help addressing a cosmetic problem with an otherwise healthy tooth. Others who come in with this… Read more »

A Crown Can Offer Your Tooth Long-Term Protection

Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you fully restore a tooth by providing you with a modern dental crown. In some cases, patients need a crown because they need to take care of an injury, or a larger cavity than a dental filling can address. In some cases, a dental crown can be recommended… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile Against Thanksgiving Treats

While different families may have different treats on at the table, there are a few Thanksgiving staples we can look forward to each year. While you create your plate, and salivate over your dessert choices, you might want to think about the effect of too many starchy, sugary foods on your teeth. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving dishes… Read more »

Fixing Your Smile Concerns With Veneers

How should you respond to problems with the look of your smile? Unfortunately, some individuals will respond to problems with the way they look by feeling resigned to them. You might feel stuck with discoloration after an over the counter whitening treatment fails to make noticeable improvements. You could be bothered by a tooth that… Read more »

The 33rd Annual Festival Of Trees Is November 23-25!

From Friday, November 23 through Sunday, November 25, Rochester families can take part in holiday fun during the thirty-third annual Festival Of Trees event! This classic celebration will give visitors a chance to explore a wide array of festive trees decorated for Christmas. There will also be opportunities to shop, and bid in a silent… Read more »

Pediatric Checkups Help Kids Develop Good Smile Habits

Once you trust your child to take care of their brushing and flossing on their own, you may have some understandable worries. Will they be thorough enough to avoid cavities? Do they understand why they need to practice these habits on a regular basis? While you can take the time and effort to help them… Read more »

Flossing Offers Effective Help Against Gum Disease

If you fail to protect your gums against infection, the results can be alarming. When gum disease progresses, the harm to your smile can be more significant than you might realize, as complications from this issue lead all other issues in causing tooth loss. Fortunately, you can keep up with a smart oral care regimen… Read more »

Scheduling An Appointment To Discuss Tooth Loss

When someone experiences tooth loss, they can quickly find that an incomplete smile is more than just a problem for how they look. If you are missing even one tooth, it can complicate the way you eat and speak, which can lead to frustration. It can also cause problems because tooth loss can make the… Read more »