Keeping Up With Good Smile Habits Through The Holidays

 Your oral care regimen should focus on your everyday behaviors. While a consistent schedule can make it easier to stick to a routine, the holidays can create some disruption. Of course, even if you are traveling during this time of year, and find yourself regularly enjoying richer, sweeter treats, your smile’s needs are unchanged. Making sure you take care of your smile at this time can help you avoid problems with tooth decay. If you let your guard down and fail to keep up with good habits, you could wind up with a buildup of tartar on your teeth, and issues that require professional care from your Rochester, MN dentist’s office. By staying on top of your smile needs, and staying consistent with regular dental exams, you can hold on to your healthy smile with more ease.

Are You Traveling This Year? We Have Some Oral Hygiene Tips

Make sure you travel with ADA-approved toothpaste, floss, and an effective toothbrush. While this can seem obvious, you can easily overlook these small items while packing. Even a short delay in your brushing and flossing can allow for the buildup of harmful agents. It is also important to find time while actively traveling to brush and floss. After all, oral bacteria will be as much of a threat on a day when you are en route to relatives as when you have all the time in the world to pay attention to your oral health!

Pay Attention To What’s On Your Plate At Festive Gatherings

It can feel hard to avoid all the tasty treats available during the holidays. While a little indulgence can be fine, you can wind up with unhealthy teeth if you take everything available to you. Pacing yourself can be important, especially when it comes to those small treats like cookies and candy. Drinking water frequently can also help, as you can remain hydrated, and wash away harmful food debris that might hurt your enamel.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Is Ready To Offer You Great Care Throughout The Year

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