The Trouble With Foods That Stick To Our Teeth

What is your plan for fighting the formation of cavities? If your approach is only focused on cleaning your teeth, you may be at greater risk than you realize for oral health issues. Throughout the day, your teeth face varying degrees of risk from the foods you eat, and the beverages you drink. Sticky foods can be troublesome for your smile, because particles can firmly stick to teeth. That can give oral bacteria more opportunities to continuously feed on the sugars in that debris, which can result in more damage to your enamel. By brushing and flossing regularly, drinking more water, and seeing your Rochester, MN dentist for regular cleanings and exams, you can limit the threat posed by your diet. With that said, the most direct path to limiting the harm done by your diet is simply to replace sweet and sticky items with healthier choices.

Our Habits Throughout The Day Can Affect Our Oral Health

In between your oral care practices, you can enjoy several meals and snacks, which can lead to smile troubles. A varied, nutrition-rich diet can help you limit the typical daily threat facing your teeth. Unfortunately, it can be hard to be perfect, especially if you have to rely on convenient fast food restaurants or vending machine snacks during your workday. Making a point to plan your meals and snacks the night before can help you avoid these tempting, but potentially harmful, choices.

Your Dentist Can Keep You Informed About The State Of Your Smile

Better daily habits can make you more confident about the condition of your smile. Of course, if you want a real evaluation of your oral health, you need to attend regular dental exams. If you have problems with your teeth, or issues with poor gum health, your dentist can identify problems and talk to you about the appropriate response. Being prompt in treatment can limit your risk of complications, which can lead to damage, and require more involved treatment.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Protect Your Teeth

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