A Change In Your Snack Habits Can Affect Your Smile

When you think about the way your daily behaviors are affecting your smile, you may focus on your efforts to brush and floss. Of course these are important aspects of oral care, but if you overlook your diet’s impact on your teeth, you can be vulnerable to problems like tooth decay. It may feel hard to find snacks that are good for you when there are so many tempting treats on grocery store shelves, and sitting in vending machines. With that said, snack choices that are sticky, or high in sugar, can lead to more cavity trouble. You can depend on your Rochester, MN dentist’s office to take care of your smile during routine appointments. In between those visits, make sure you protect yourself by practicing good oral hygiene, and limiting your consumption of sugar.

Halloween Candy Can Have A Frightening Effect On Your Teeth

As Halloween approaches, you are likely to face more temptation in the form of candy. While the occasional treat is certainly fine, be careful not to overindulge, as you could wind up suffering tooth decay as a consequence. If you have kids, you need to watch their candy consumption, too. Make arrangements to limit how much they eat, and make sure your kids have their next dental checkups arranged.

The Benefits Of Keeping Up With Healthy Snacking Habits

If you never see anything healthy in your office vending machine, consider packing snacks from home. Arriving with something healthy to munch on can help you cut calories, and give your enamel a break from decay. You should pay attention to what you eat, and what you drink – having water with snacks and meals can reduce your sugar intake, and help you keep your mouth clean.

Protect Your Smile With A Combination Of Daily And Professional Oral Care

If you want to make sure your smile care is as effective as you hope, keep up with general dental care. At every appointment, your dentist can watch for signs of decay and gum disease. They can also help you remain mindful about the potential smile risks that come with bad daily habits.

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