When Was Your Last Trip To The Dentist’s Office?

How long has it been since you last found your way onto the dentist’s chair? Visits to the dentist are about more than just addressing problems. Unless your dentist tells you to use a different standard, you should plan to have semiannual routine dental exams. These visits are important for maintaining a healthy smile. At every visit to your Rochester, MN dentist’s office, you undergo a careful dental review, and a thorough cleaning of your teeth. These appointments make it possible for you to have a problem found and promptly treated, so that you avoid unpleasant complications. The care you receive during your cleaning can protect you against future cavities, and help you avoid gum disease.

The Value Provided By Regular Dental Checkups

Every routine dental checkup involves care that can help you maintain the health of your smile in the long term. If your dentist finds that nothing is currently wrong with your smile, they can share this information. Because your visit also involves a thorough professional teeth cleaning, you can feel better about your ability to preserve your dental health. If a problem is found, the appropriate arrangements can be made to treat it before it worsens.

What Can Happen If I Fail To Notice That Something Is Wrong With My Smile?

You may not realize it when a cavity first forms. As decay worsens, you can experience persistent pain or sensitivity. Unfortunately, when symptoms start to affect you, it could be a sign that your cavity has reached a more advanced stage. A cavity at this stage can demand a root canal procedure to save your tooth. While your dentist can certainly take care to help you remain comfortable during a root canal, your goal should be to avoid problems that require this procedure. You can have a problem identified and cared for when you fail to realize something is wrong, which can help you avoid more involved work.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Provide You With Great Dental Care

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, you can count on dedicated routine smile care every time you come in for a general appointment. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659. Dr. Gilly Calcagno and our staff welcome and serve patients from Rochester, MN, as well as Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, Austin, and all surrounding areas.