Month: October 2018

Keeping Up With Good Smile Habits Through The Holidays

 Your oral care regimen should focus on your everyday behaviors. While a consistent schedule can make it easier to stick to a routine, the holidays can create some disruption. Of course, even if you are traveling during this time of year, and find yourself regularly enjoying richer, sweeter treats, your smile’s needs are unchanged. Making… Read more »

Don’t Let Halloween Candy Hurt Your Teeth!

With Halloween so close at hand, you can have your costume ready, your yard decorated, and your Halloween candy ready for trick or treaters. While this holiday can be plenty of fun, it can also be trouble for your smile – after all, the candy at Halloween can have a scary amount of sugar! What… Read more »

Visit The Rochester Library’s Day Of The Dead Open House

During this year’s Day Of The Dead, you and your family can enjoy a special open house at the Rochester Public Library to learn more about this holiday. In addition to offering historical details and backgrounds, the library will host activities that help you take part in the traditions of Day Of The Dead. You… Read more »

Recognizing The Symptoms Of An Infected Tooth

An infected tooth can have some attention-grabbing symptoms. You could have concerns about dental sensitivity, or even persistent pain in your tooth. What you should understand is that if your tooth is infected, the problem is a potentially serious one that your dentist should address. You can count on your Rochester, MN dentist’s office to… Read more »

Why Am I Starting To See Signs Of Dental Wear And Tear?

While it can sometimes be hard to notice, your dental wear and tear can reach the point of impacting your smile. For older patients, an accumulation of wear and tear could simply be from years of friction during biting and chewing. However, it could be possible that your damage is the result of a teeth… Read more »

Healthier Family Meals Can Help You Avoid Cavities

When you reach for your toothbrush, or your floss, you are obviously about to take steps to protect your teeth. Do you think about your time at the dinner table as an opportunity to protect your smile, too? If you want to avoid problems with tooth decay, what you eat definitely matters. In addition to… Read more »

Check Out A Special Halloween Parade At Kutzky Park!

On Sunday, October 28, Rochester area families can gather at Kutzky Park for a special Halloween Parade! This event will see lots of costumed characters and masked figures join in the fun – parents, kids, and pets are encouraged to join in the march around the block. There will be refreshments and treats on hand,… Read more »

Planning Cosmetic Work Before The Holiday Season

The holiday season is closer and closer each day, and many families are already engaged in discussions over who to visit, and when. While they can be exciting, holiday gatherings can also be the source of some anxieties. You may be meeting members of your partner’s family for the first time, or you could be… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Help You Maintain Healthy Gums

If you want to keep your gums in good shape, you need to pay attention to your daily oral care habits. That means paying attention to your gum line when you brush, and taking the time to properly floss each day. Of course, you can also count on professional support to help you avoid periodontal… Read more »

The Trouble With Foods That Stick To Our Teeth

What is your plan for fighting the formation of cavities? If your approach is only focused on cleaning your teeth, you may be at greater risk than you realize for oral health issues. Throughout the day, your teeth face varying degrees of risk from the foods you eat, and the beverages you drink. Sticky foods… Read more »