Catching A Cavity Before You Need A Root Canal

Even though it can be easily recognized as a type of dental work, many people can be unsure of what a root canal treatment really involves. When it is used in cavity treatments, a root canal is performed to address an infection within a tooth that is experiencing decay. Because these internal problems can lead to issues like sensitivity, and persistent pain, this procedure can bring relief from worrying discomfort. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can provide you with this kind of care when you need it. With that said, your dentist can also help you avoid this procedure by identifying a cavity before a root canal is necessary. Regular dental checkups create more opportunities for a cavity to be detected while it is only affecting your enamel, which can limit the amount of work that is needed.

A Cavity’s Size And Effect On Your Tooth Can Affect Your Treatment Needs

Your dentist will plan your treatment after evaluating the condition of the affected tooth. When it comes to determining what kind of restoration you need, and whether or not you need a root canal, this evaluation is important. When a cavity is found in its earlier stage of growth, you can be fine after treatment, and the placing of a dental filling. More significant levels of decay can make a dental crown, and a root canal, a requirement.

Recognizing The Importance Of Routine Dental Exams

It can be difficult to ignore a cavity once it starts creating trouble for the interior of your tooth. Unfortunately, you may not be aware of the problem when you have a smaller cavity that is still developing. Regular dental exams create regular opportunities for evaluation. This professional review from your dentist can lead to cavities being discovered, and treated, before complications start to affect you. Of course, since these visits also concentrate on preventive care, they make it less likely you will have a cavity.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Scheduling Cavity Care

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