The Effect Of Tooth Loss On Your Daily Life

Tooth loss can lead to difficulties during meals, embarrassment over the appearance of your smile, and a susceptibility to further oral health troubles. The right approach to prosthetic dental care can offer long-term value, but it can also provide you with benefits in your daily life. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can meet with your to discuss the benefits of dental implant-supported prosthetic work. With an implant, or implants, holding your restoration, you can have an easier time with biting and chewing. It can also become easier to show off your smile with confidence, as your prosthetic work can make your smile appear natural. While these daily benefits are important, you also enjoy lasting support that lowers your risk for further tooth loss, and jaw troubles. 

Taking Care Of Tooth Loss Can Improve Your Dental Function, And Your Smile

It can be easy to see the cosmetic value in addressing that unattractive gap in your smile where you have lost teeth. Tooth loss can make you look older, and it can make you seem less healthy. In addition to benefiting the way you look, your implant-held dental restoration can provide you with the support you need to eat a richer and more varied diet. Addressing your chewing difficulties can benefit your quality of life, and improve your well-being.

You Can Continue To See Consequences From Tooth Loss If You Ignore The Problem

Jawbone resorption is an issue that affects people who fail to address tooth loss with dental implant support. It refers to a loss of bone mass in your jaw, which can lead to esthetic and functional troubles. In addition to facing this issue, you can also have a problem with your smile because your remaining teeth can shift, and you can experience further losses.

Want To Avoid Tooth Loss In The Future? Here Are Some Tips

If you want to stop further losses from occurring, or if you want to keep your full smile intact, be mindful of these factors:

  • Take care of your gums – advanced gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss
  • Pay attention to oral health symptoms when they occur, and see your dentist regularly
  • Address existing tooth loss, so that neighboring teeth have more support

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Deal With Tooth Loss

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