Could Your Beverage Choices Impact Your Smile?

Does your typical morning start with a cup of coffee? Is it hard to imagine a meal without a soft drink? It can be hard to imagine a person who avoids everything but water in their diet. With that said, overdoing it with certain liquids can result in trouble for your oral health. For instance, you can increase your cavity risk by drinking soft drinks on a frequent basis, as these drinks are high in sugar, and their acidity can weaken your enamel. While regular dental checkups with your Rochester, MN dentist, and effective daily oral health habits both matter to your overall cavity defense, you need to think about the role your diet is playing, too. It should be noted that your drink preferences can also affect the way you look.

The Cosmetic Issues Created By Dark Liquids Like Coffee, Tea, And Red Wine

Dark liquids are able to leave particles behind on your enamel, and an accumulation of those staining agents can dull the brightness of your smile. Your daily habit of drinking coffee in the morning, or your fondness for red wine with dinner, could lead to your teeth becoming discolored, and less attractive. If you want to make a noticeable improvement to how you look, a professional whitening treatment can be needed.

Too Many Sodas And Juices Can Impact Your Cavity Risk

Sugary, acidic beverages like soda, and some juices, can result in more cavity troubles. While you can be familiar with the concerns around consuming too much sugar, you should be wary of the acidic quality of your drinks. This is why diet soft drinks, despite being sugar-free, can still pose trouble for you.

How Water Helps Us Keep Our Teeth In Better Shape

Drinking more water throughout the day can help you maintain your weight, and your overall health. Replacing other drinks with water can be beneficial to your smile, too, as you can avoid sugar, and potential staining agents. If your water source contains fluoride, you can actually improve your defense against decay.

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