Ignoring Gum Disease Can Result In Oral Health Complications

Here’s something you might not realize about gum disease – complications from advanced periodontal problems is the leading cause for adult tooth loss. While this is hardly a “fun” fact, it is something to think about when you brush and floss each day. When you practice good dental care at home, you can keep your gum line clear of plaque, and avoid a periodontal infection. You can also take a moment to look at your gum tissues, and see if there are signs of trouble, like swelling, or redness, that indicate poor health. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you clear up a periodontal problem with a scaling and root planing procedure. With that said, you should know that when gum disease has time to worsen, managing your condition can become more difficult.

What Kind Of Signs Should I Be Looking For If I Want To Check The Condition Of My Gums?

If you have concerns about the state of your gums, look for any swelling of the tissues, redness, or more frequent bleeding when you brush and floss. Chronic bad breath is also an indicator that there might be trouble with your periodontal health. Of course, you are not the only person worried about the condition of your gums – your dentist can monitor their health during routine dental evaluations.

How Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Life

If you allow gum disease to progress, you can be more likely to lose teeth. If this occurs, it can make mealtime more difficult, hurt your appearance, and leave you at risk for further losses. If you have already experienced tooth loss because of gum disease, or for any other reason, prosthetic dental work can be beneficial. Your dentist can talk to you about having a restoration placed, and held in position with dental implant support.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dental Can Help You Avoid Problems Connected To Gum Disease

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