Using Invisalign As An Alternative To Metal Braces

Are metal braces your only pathway to straighter teeth? Many people operate under an assumption that their alignment issues will only be fixable with bracket and wire braces, but you may be able to correct your smile using Invisalign. With Invisalign aligners, you have a discreet appliance that is responsible for fixing problems like gaps, overlaps, and other orthodontic issues. You can also enjoy greater convenience, as you will need to attend fewer appointments during your treatment, and you can remove your aligners when you need to eat, or before cleaning your teeth. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office is proud to have helped so many people correct issues with poor alignment by providing Invisalign aligners. If you want to learn more, you can schedule a consultation and express your interest.

What Improvements Can I See If I Undergo Orthodontic Treatment?

An adjustment of your teeth using Invisalign aligners can provide you with noticeable smile improvements. You can fix problems caused by poor spacing, as well as issues with teeth that improperly overlap. With that said, Invisalign does more than just provide patients with cosmetic smile improvements. Your straightened teeth can improve your bite alignment, which can reduce pressure on your jaw joints. You can also find your ability to avoid cavities improved, as it can be easier to fully clean your teeth when you no longer have areas that overlap.

Will I Qualify To Undergo Treatment With Invisalign?

In many cases, patients looking to make improvements to the alignment of their teeth can look forward to a successful Invisalign treatment. In addition to helping people make their first effort to correcting alignment flaws, Invisalign can be used to address any changes with the alignment of your teeth after wearing braces as a child. You can discuss your interest with treatment, and any concerns you might have about your dental alignment, when you set up a consultation to meet with your dentist.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Invisalign

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