3 Questions You May Want To Ask About Dental Implants

Patients who suffer from tooth loss can experience discomfort, issues with self-confidence, and difficulties with their oral health. If you are looking for a solution to the problem of missing teeth, you may worry that the benefits of prosthetic dental work are going to be limited. Sure, you can make your smile complete again, but will you be comfortable biting and chewing with your restoration in place? Can your prosthetic help you avoid the long-term issues like jawbone resorption? If you are ready to do something about tooth loss, talk to your Rochester, MN dentist’s office about dental implants. Implants are used to provide valuable support for dental prostheses. Once your implant is placed, and you have healed, your dentist can provide you with a lifelike restoration, and allow you to enjoy the benefits of your prosthetic.

1. Can Dental Implants Help Me Address My Problems With Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss is not merely a cosmetic concern, as patients with missing teeth can experience complications with biting and chewing, jaw problems, and a loss of jawbone density. Your questions about dental implants may center on the effect they have on your overall health. If you are worried about life after tooth loss, you can be relieved to find that dental implants can address issues with dental function, protect your jawbone health, and improve how you look.

2. What Kind Of Improvements Can I Enjoy If I Have Dental Implants Holding A Restoration In Place?

An implant-held restoration can be more reliable when you bite and chew food. Because tooth loss, particularly the loss of several teeth, can limit what a person is able to eat, you can find that implants allow you to return many foods you enjoyed to your diet. You can also protect yourself against jawbone resorption, as implants stimulate the bone, which encourages the delivery of nutrients.

3. Will My Smile Look Natural After I Receive My Implant-Supported Restoration?

The restoration your dentist places on your implant can match your surrounding teeth, and give you back a natural, attractive smile!

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