How Technology Helps Us Carefully Study Your Smile

You can look forward to receiving care from experienced, dedicated professionals when you visit your Rochester, MN dentist’s office for routine dental care. With the use of advanced imaging technology, your dentist can make sure you enjoy the benefits of a remarkably thorough inspection of your teeth. Our practice relies on digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to make a careful inspection of your oral health. By using this advanced technology, it becomes easier to fully survey your smile, and identify when there might be a problem that needs to be treated. Advanced images help patients by making earlier cavity detection possible, so your restorative dental care is less involved.

Modern Imaging Makes It Possible To Find Problems Early In Their Development

Why does it matter when a cavity is identified? Different degrees of dental damage can call for different levels of support. In cases where a cavity has been found while it is still small, a lifelike dental filling may be all that is required to completely resolve the matter. When you go without care until a cavity becomes more advanced, you may need a dental crown to fully support your tooth. In cases where oral bacteria have the opportunity to infect your tooth’s pulp, a root canal procedure will be required to fully restore your tooth.

Make Sure You Schedule Regular Dental Exams

Because your dentist can use advanced imaging technology to review your smile, they can keep up with changes, alert you to problems, and help you remain better informed about the overall quality of your oral health. If you are not attending checkups on a regular basis, you miss out on this support. After all, there is no way for your dentist to take a careful look at your teeth if you never come in for an appointment!

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Study Your Smile Carefully Using Modern Technology

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, you can look forward to dedicated smile care at every checkup. With advanced imaging technology, your dentist can make sure your teeth are thoroughly checked for potential issues. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659. Dr. Gilly Calcagno and our staff welcome and serve patients from Rochester, MN, as well as Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, Austin, and all surrounding communities.