Long Absences From The Dentist Can Hurt Your Oral Health

How can you be sure your smile is truly healthy if you avoid regular dental checkups? The absence of obvious discomfort does not mean everything is fine. Your Rochester, MN dentist can identify a cavity, even if there have been no symptoms keeping you worried. Regular dental exams can lead to this early detection and treatment of problems, which means the care you need will be less involved. A cavity caught early can require a dental filling, but one that is overlooked can eventually make a root canal treatment necessary. Long absences also mean you miss out on regular dental cleanings, reviews of your periodontal health, and the kind of general dental support that makes it easier to sustain a healthy smile for many years.

An Untreated Cavity Can Lead To Serious Trouble

An overlooked cavity is only one problem that can be caused by missing out on regular dental visits. Of course, that one problem can lead to serious discomfort, and put you at risk for tooth loss. As a cavity first forms, the only part of your tooth affected will be your enamel. Over time, decay will work its way through your enamel and dentin, and create an infection in your pulp. Your tooth’s health is in real jeopardy at this point, as an infection in this area can lead to the spreading of bacteria through your root, and irreparable harm to the tooth.

The Importance Of Keeping Up With A Good Oral Health Routine

When you ignore professional dental care, you can be at risk for problems with your gums, and your teeth. You should not think of smart daily care as a reason to justify skipping a trip to the dentist. Instead, look at your daily care and your dental exams as a combined effort to fight problems that might affect your smile.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Keep Up With Your Oral Health Needs

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