Enjoy Sustained Improvements To The Color Of Your Smile

A noticeable improvement to the whiteness of your teeth is preferable to a minor change, and lasting results are preferable to changes that only last for a short period. How can you make sure that your approach to making your smile leads to big improvements, and that you can sustain the benefits of undergoing treatment? Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office can provide a professional whitening treatment that has a big impact on your appearance. Using this treatment can allow you to remove stains that are left after the use of a store bought whitening kit. After you complete your initial treatment, you can take care to sustain your improvements by performing the occasional touch-up with a professional whitening kit you take home. 

What Kind Of Outcome Can A Whitening Treatment Provide?

A professional whitening treatment can offer a safe, potent bleaching of your teeth to remove accumulated stains from your enamel. You will have an initial appointment at the office, which is followed by daily treatments using a take-home kit provided by your dentist. At the end of your daily applications, you will return for a final treatment. Patients who undergo this procedure can see a cosmetic improvement by as much as sixteen shades!

Taking Steps To Make Sure Your Cosmetic Improvements Last

Touching up your teeth with a take-home whitening kit can help you sustain the improvements you gained from your cosmetic procedure. If you want to limit the accumulation of future stains, be aware that dark and color-rich foods and beverages can leave stains, even if your teeth are being effectively defended against cavities. Acidic products can also create problems, as they can make it easier for stains to gather.

Alternatives To Relying On Whitening Agents To Address Discoloration

A whitening treatment is not the only option open to you if you want to improve the color of your smile. You may be interested in having porcelain veneers placed – using veneers to improve your smile can allow you to hide discoloration and blemishes, while also covering up dental damage, and other flaws.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Improving The Color Of Your Smile

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