Understanding The Link Between Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

The overall health of your smile depends on keeping your teeth healthy, and your gums as well. What kind of problems can occur if you develop a periodontal infection? The earlier stage of an infection, gingivitis, may cause you to experience chronic bad breath, as well as swollen or red tissues. You may also bleed more often when you clean your teeth. These are all signs that you may want to seek care from your Rochester, MN dentist’s office for poor gum health. If you fail to do something about this problem, your condition could worsen, which can lead to alarming complications. Advanced gum disease can lead to the destruction of tissues that support your teeth, which is why untreated periodontal infections are linked to tooth loss.

Are You Paying Enough Attention To Your Periodontal Health?

If you want to keep your smile intact, be mindful of the health of your gums – issues caused by advanced gum disease lead other causes when it comes to adult tooth loss. Because advanced gum disease can be harder to manage, you should watch for signs of gingivitis, so you can have your issues addressed before they worsen. You can protect your gums and your teeth with effective at-home care that includes brushing and flossing, as well as by attending regular dental exams.

Do You Need To Replace Missing Teeth? Find Out About How Prosthetic Work Can Help You

If you have already suffered tooth loss, due to gum disease or any other possible cause, prosthetic dental work can have functional and cosmetic advantages you will appreciate. With an implant-supported prosthetic, you can have an easier time biting and chewing food, while also feeling better about how you look when you smile. Your implant can even help you sustain a healthy jawbone – without implant support, the bone can deteriorate over time.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Your Gum Disease Concerns

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