Do I Need To Replace An Older Restoration?

How long can you count on support from a dental filling or a dental crown? These restorations are designed with the expectation that they will last for an extended duration. One reason it can be hard to predict exactly how long a restoration will last is because different people maintain different levels of oral health care. If your filling or crown is subjected to more stress and friction, its lifespan will shrink. Your dentist will pay attention to the condition of your restoration at a routine dental exam. If you have an older filling or crown made from metal, you can be excited to see how modern restorations can be remarkably life-like, while still being durable.

Modern Restorations Are Attractive And Durable

Modern dental restorations are built to provide you with long-lasting support. Thanks to the advanced materials used to construct them, they are also able to provide real cosmetic benefits. Dental fillings made from composite resin look like your enamel, so they will not disrupt the surface of your tooth. They offer an additional benefit by bonding directly to your tooth, to provide great support. Dental crowns made from ceramic are life-like to the point of offering real cosmetic improvements when placed over an unsightly tooth. Thanks to the CEREC technology in your dentist’s office, crowns can now be produced over the course of one appointment!

Smart Oral Health Care Can Help You Avoid Premature Wear And Tear On Your Restoration

Smart preventive dental care will help you avoid cavities, and it will help you avoid problems with the restorations you have received for past cavities. When you brush, take care to be thorough, but avoid brushing with too much force. You should also take time to floss each day, and be mindful of how sugary and acidic products can have a negative effect on your smile.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Replacing An Older Restoration

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