Regaining Your Bright, White Smile

If you find yourself evaluating your smile, and wondering what happened to your bright, white teeth, you may be ready to address the matter with your dentist. A professional teeth whitening uses advanced bleaching agents to remove bothersome stains – this approach can give remove stains that are left behind by over the counter whitening agents, leading to more pronounced changes. At the end of your treatment, you can show off a smile that is up to sixteen times brighter than it was before you began! Of course, your concern after treatment can be with how you maintain those improvements. Be mindful of habits that can cause your teeth to become stained, and keep up with daily oral care practices, to avoid a future accumulation of stains.

What Kind Of Habits Are Affecting The Color Of Your Smile?

What kind of behaviors lead to dull, discolored smiles? Smoking and smokeless tobacco cause cosmetic problems, as well as oral health concerns. You may be leaving stains in your teeth because of dark or color-rich items. Coffee, tea, and red wine all have the potential to leave stains. What you might not realize is that acidic products will weaken your enamel, making it more likely that staining particles will be able to take hold on your teeth.

Advanced Results Are Possible With A Professional Whitening Treatment

The professional whitening treatment offered by your dentist can combine an office treatment with at-home treatments, leading to amazing changes. Simply put, products you find at the store will not be as potent as the professional whitening agents your dentist uses, so their results will not match what your dentist can do for you.

Alternative Approaches To Making Your Smile Whiter

Not everyone has issues with discoloration that can be traced to bad habits, and stains on their enamel. If you have internal tooth issues that affect your smile, a different cosmetic dental treatment could be in order. Porcelain veneers have helped many people hide this problem.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Making Your Smile Brighter

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