Month: May 2018

Barbara’s Invisalign Journey – Enjoying Fantastic Results!

Our patient coordinator, Barbara, is excited to show off the amazing smile changes her Invisalign treatment made possible. After completing her treatment, Barbara can now show off a smile that looks better than ever. Like so many patients before her, she is thrilled at how correcting poor dental alignment has led to remarkable cosmetic changes…. Read more »

Helping Patients Enjoy Great Smile Changes With Invisalign

We can’t help but feel excited for our patients when they see big smile changes. Our practice can offer a range of cosmetic dental procedures, which can lead to remarkable results. We also offer Invisalign treatment, which can make important orthodontic corrections, and lead to a dramatic smile improvement. Crooked teeth can hurt your appearance,… Read more »

Enjoy The ROCKchester Music And Art Festival June1-2

On Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2, Rochester residents can enjoy a terrific celebration of the thriving art and music scenes in the city thanks to the ROCKchester Music And Art Festival! Over the course of these two days, there will be a number of special performances by talented local music groups and performers…. Read more »

How Long Will My Cosmetic Treatment Results Last?

You may feel totally confident that your cosmetic dental procedure will send you out of your dentist’s office with terrific smile improvements. However, you may feel less sure about how long those results will last. Will your smile still look great long after you undergo work, or will you need to receive regular treatments to… Read more »

All About Your Periodontal Health

Cavities are certainly harmful, and there is a good reason so much of dental care is concentrated on helping patients avoid them. With that said, it would be a mistake to think that the only serious oral health threats affect your teeth. Your periodontal health is vital if you want to maintain a truly healthy… Read more »

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Care

Our smiles may differ, but most people have considerable overlap when it comes to their oral health concerns. When it comes to dental care, especially professional dental care, you may find yourself wondering about how to keep your teeth as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Patients can look forward to dedicated care,… Read more »

Enjoy The Art4Trails Kickoff Event June 2

On Saturday, June 2, Rochester area families can experience a day full of fun and activity at the Art4Trails Kickoff Event! During this all-ages event, the city will host its newest Permanent Sculpture dedication, and there will be guided walking and biking tours that will showcase the many public sculptures that are a part of… Read more »

Taking Care Of Patients On Their First Visit

What kind of care should you look forward to when you visit a dental practice for the first time? Part of making an experience positive involves making things easy – you can complete your initial patient forms online before you arrive, or at the office. When you come in, you can enjoy a quick tour… Read more »

Welcoming Patients For Evening, Weekend, Or Emergency Visits

Different issues can interfere with a person’s ability to seek dental care. You could have a hard time making normal office hours because of a busy or unpredictable work schedule. You may have a hard time keeping up with appointments because you need to bring your kids to and from different activities. What you should… Read more »

Ask The Right Questions Before Starting Invisalign Treatment

As exciting as it can be to think about how Invisalign might be able to improve your smile, there are some important questions you should ask. Before you begin treatment, you can talk to your dentist about if you are covered for Invisalign, or if you can pay on an installment plan. You can also… Read more »