Month: April 2018

A Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation Before Your Wedding

It would not be surprising to say that you want to look your best on your wedding day. However, you may not realize what kind of cosmetic improvements you can fit into your schedule before this event. One thing you might not be aware of is that cosmetic dental work can make big changes to… Read more »

Take Part In The Games On The Grass Kick-Off Event May 7!

On Monday, May 7, families in and around Rochester can take part in the Games On The Grass Kick-Off Event! This daytime celebration will help introduce the Games On The Grass event, a special program taking place at Peace Plaza Downtown. You can enjoy a number of lawn games and table games, all set up… Read more »

Creating A New Patient Experience

What kind of experiences have you had with past dentists? Have you ever found yourself in a position where you felt you were not being fully treated? Or have you been in a situation where you felt overwhelmed by the amount of work proposed for your smile? Your dentist’s goal is to create a dedicated,… Read more »

Providing Terrific Restorative Smile Care

If you find yourself in need of restorative dental care, you should feel full confidence in your dentist’s ability to address health concerns. Of course, dental problems can affect more than your health, which is why you may also find yourself concerned with how you will look after treatment. Our practice uses modern materials to… Read more »

Welcoming New Patients With Fantastic Special Offers!

If you recently moved, and are looking for a new dental practice – or if you have found yourself out of the habit of attending routine dental exams – you should make arranging dental appointments a priority. After all, when you miss out on checkups and cleanings, you leave your mouth vulnerable to cavities, and… Read more »

Experience Rochester’s World Festival 2018!

On Saturday, April 28, families in and around the Rochester area can participate in the city’s World Festival 2018 event! During the World Festival event, the Rochester International Association will provide a number of activities and events to help introduce residents to different cultures from around the world. In addition to live performances, demonstrations, and… Read more »

The Importance Of Making Time For Smile Care

If you are not making regular visits to your dentist for routine exams, you are failing to enjoy important protection against oral health threats. Your dentist can identify cavities before they grow large enough to create problems for you. They can also recognize when something needs to be done about your periodontal health. Of course,… Read more »

Meeting Your Family’s Oral Health Needs

Families benefit when they find a dental practice that can provide access to great dental care for every member. Our office proudly provides dental care that can be tailored to patients of all ages. This means providing dedicated smile care to everyone, as well as providing the special support required for effective pediatric dental care…. Read more »

Providing A Variety Of Cosmetic Treatment Options

A relatively small flaw can feel frustratingly prominent every time you smile. What can you do to address a dental issue that undermines your appearance? By undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure, you can enjoy major changes to your appearance by targeting different smile flaws.  Your dentist can provide many different approaches to cosmetic work, so… Read more »

Take Part In The Spring Classic 5K On Saturday, April 28

On Saturday, April 28, you can take on an exciting running challenge by joining the Spring Classic 5K, 15K and Melby Kids Mile event! This race, sponsored by the Rochester Track Club, will provide runners with different course options to challenge their skills. The different races will all begin at Soldier’s Field Park, and proceeds… Read more »