What We Look For During Each Dental Checkup & Cleaning

What kind of oral health care should you expect from your regular dental checkups and cleanings? During these appointments, your dentist is on the lookout for problems like tooth decay, as well as for any indication you might have issues with gum disease. However, while these are important parts of every appointment, the care you receive goes beyond these steps. It is important to recognize the value provided through a dental cleaning. Your hygienist can reach areas that are difficult for you to clean on your own, and they can remove harmful tartar that will remain after you brush and floss. You should also know that your dentist is reviewing your oral health for many different concerns, not just for evidence of cavities or gum disease.

Your Hygienist Can Spot – And Remove – Harmful Plaque And Tartar

Your daily oral care regimen can help you protect your smile against the threats posed by oral bacteria. Unfortunately, many people – even those who generally practice good habits – can leave areas of plaque behind when they clean their teeth. Your hygienist can remove harmful debris from areas of your teeth you have a difficult time reaching. They also remove tartar. Tartar removal is particularly important because this substance can persist despite your daily efforts to clean your smile.

Searching Your Smile For Any Signs Of Oral Health Trouble

Cavities and gum disease are two common dental issues, and your dentist is certainly ready to identify, and treat, any problems you might have. Early cavity detection can spare you the experience of a cavity that requires a root canal treatment. With that said, these are not the only threats your dentist knows to watch for. They will also watch out for signs of TMJ dysfunction, or the physical toll of teeth grinding. They will also search you mouth for any early signs of oral cancer.

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