Restoring Old Dental Work To Support Your Smile

Older restorative work on your smile may become less supportive over time, and your appearance can be negatively impacted. If your dentist sees a problem with an existing restoration, they may recommend receiving a replacement. Dental fillings, dental crowns, and prosthetics are all subjected to friction over time when you bite and chew food. While they can be long-lasting, this wear and tear can eventually create problems. Older fillings and crowns made from metal can also be subjected to changes due to temperature extremes. By providing you with a new restoration, your dentist can improve your dental health, and make improvements to how you look.

Modern Restorative Care Can Offer Functional And Cosmetic Value

Modern restorative materials can help you improve on the quality of your smile, even as they provide protection for a vulnerable tooth. Modern dental fillings are made with a natural-looking resin material that can blend in with your surrounding enamel. This can be a significant visual improvement over an older metal filling. Because these new fillings are able to bond directly with your tooth structure, they can also be more securely held.

Having Your Prosthetic Supported By A Dental Implant

If you have had prosthetic work in the past, but want to know how dental implants might improve your experience, talk to your dentist. Providing an implant to hold your restoration can make you more comfortable, and it can help you with biting and chewing tasks. Your dentist will need to make sure your jawbone is healthy enough to receive an implant, as tooth loss can lead to jawbone resorption over time.

Your Dentist Can Check On Earlier Restorative Work During Routine Care

If you want to make sure you have a healthy, fully protected smile, make regular dental exams part of your oral care regimen. When your dentist reviews your smile, they can check on the condition of your restoration or restorations, just as they check on the condition of your natural teeth.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Restoring Old Dental Work

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