Providing Discreet Orthodontic Care For Adults And Teens

When people picture a smile with braces, they tend to imagine that smile belonging to someone younger. Adults and teenagers can feel that braces make them seem “immature,” or, in the case of adults, less professional. Unfortunately, people at these ages can still require some orthodontic treatment. Teens can be late to start their adjustment, and adults can sometimes require follow-up work when their teeth shift after wearing braces at a younger age. Fortunately, there is a way to make discreet corrections to poor dental alignment. Using Invisalign aligners can lead to real changes to your smile, but will not have you wearing a conspicuous appliance. Instead, patients are given a series of clear, custom-made oral aligners. In addition to improving your appearance, orthodontic adjustment can also have oral health benefits.

What Makes Invisalign Different From Traditional Braces?

Invisalign aligners are made from clear plastic, and can be removed by the wearer. You can feel more confident in how you look because your aligners can be hard to detect, and you can enjoy greater convenience, as your aligners can be removed when you need to eat, or clean your teeth.

How Can I Find Out If Invisalign Is Right For Me?

You can learn more about Invisalign, and if you qualify, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist. While some people will require more involved corrective work, which can require traditional braces. However, many people will be able to receive approval, and can enjoy the discretion and convenience of Invisalign treatment.

Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment Can Have Big Benefits For Your Smile

You can see a big improvement to your smile after completing an Invisalign procedure. any patients are thrilled to see how they look after they have their teeth straightened. Of course, the advantages are not just cosmetic. Straightening your teeth can actually make it easier to fully clean your teeth, which can help you prevent cavities, and avoid problems with gum disease.

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