How Does Invisalign Work?

Is there really a way to avoid metal braces, and still make corrections to the alignment of your smile? While many people love the idea of straightening their teeth discreetly, they may be uncertain about what Invisalign can do for them. What you should know is that many people can be approved to use clear aligners to correct the positions of teeth that overlap, or have a gap between them. Our practice proudly offers Invisalign to many patients, and we may be able to help you see great orthodontic results. While alignment problems can be a common cosmetic problem, it is not the only issue that can affect how you look. A cosmetic consultation with your dentist can help you learn more about the best way to address your needs.

How Invisalign Can Correct The Alignment Of Your Teeth

Without metal braces, how can your dentist straighten your teeth? Invisalign uses a sequence of aligners, which are designed to steadily make adjustments. These are custom-made, with the design based around an expert study of your current alignment. You can remove these aligners without assistance, but you should know that spending too much time without them in place can slow down your progress. You will have some appointments with your dentist, so they can monitor that progress, but there are fewer visits than metal braces require, and no manual adjustments. If you are concerned about how long your correction takes, your dentist can talk to you about how to shorten your treatment time.

Work With Your Dentist To Enjoy Your Best Smile

Working with your dentist to discuss cosmetic work can lead to major improvements to your appearance. In addition to correcting problems with poor alignment, your dentist can hide dental damage, brighten your teeth, and even protect vulnerable teeth with life-like dental crowns. In some cases, you can have a major smile improvement to showcase after just one or two appointments!

Would You Like To See How Invisalign Can Work For You? Let Us Know!

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