Are You Enjoying The Best Brushing Experience?

Routine dental checkups offer patients quality protection against cavities, and expert care for their periodontal health, while also keeping patients informed about any other signs of trouble. The treatment you receive at these visits offers major benefits, but without smart preventive care at home, you can still face the threat of poor smile health. You may not be able to give your teeth the kind of attention they receive during a scheduled dental cleaning, but the right approach to brushing can offer an impressive defense against tooth decay. How do you know you are enjoying real results from your at-home measures? Making smart choices when it comes to your toothbrushes, and your toothpaste, can have a terrific impact. Taking the time to thoroughly brush is also important. While there is more to preventive care than just brushing, your brushing habits do make a significant overall difference.

What Kind Of Brush Should I Use?

When it comes to selecting a brush, soft bristles are recommended because they can remove plaque, but they will not be too abrasive. That softness is especially good for protecting your gum tissue.

Choosing The Right Toothpaste

When it comes to toothpaste, make sure you use a product that contains fluoride, as it will encourage healthy enamel. Brands that contain fluoride will typically mention its presence on the front of the box. Toothpaste designated for patients with sensitivity issues can be important if you have gum line recession, as this problem can expose more sensitive portions of your teeth. In cases where you have special needs, your dentist might recommend a prescription toothpaste.

Your Daily Brushing Routine

The right tools for the job are less effective when they are used poorly. Each time you brush, dedicate two minutes to the activity, and work your brush at a forty-five degree angle so you can attack plaque at your gum line, the area where bacterial plaque gathers.

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