Tips For Addressing – And Avoiding – Teeth Stains

Even if you are currently happy with the color of your teeth, you can benefit from understanding how to deal with dental stains. After all, even a healthy smile can eventually lose some of its brightness as harmful particles gather in their enamel. People often become unhappy as stains accumulate, leaving their teeth looking dull, or appearing yellow. If you want to avoid future problems, pay attention to your normal diet. Restricting your consumption of color-rich and dark items can help you minimize an unsightly change in your teeth color. If you are ready to do something about existing problems, your dentist can help by offering an advanced whitening treatment. With professional care, you can enjoy striking improvements. 

How You Can Address Dental Discoloration That Has Already Affected Your Smile

The Kor Whitening treatment your dentist provides can combine an in-office appointment with an at-home system that you will use. These treatments can work wonders on a range of different stains in your teeth, and lead to remarkable outcomes. In fact, you can look forward to a smile that is up to sixteen times brighter than before you started your procedure!

What You Can Do To Avoid Stains In The Future

Are you a habitual coffee or tea drinker? Do you have a soft spot for dark or color-rich berries? Color-rich and dark foods and drinks often have harmful particles that can stick to your teeth, and lead to discoloration. There is one particular threat that does not concern foods or drinks – tobacco. If you smoke, or use chewing tobacco, you face a serious risk of dental discoloration, along with many potential oral health problems.

Is Dental Discoloration Always Caused By Stains?

Stains are a common cause of discoloration, but in some cases patients’ teeth look discolored because of a problem within a tooth, or teeth. An alternative cosmetic dental treatment, like porcelain veneers, may be recommended if this problem affects you.

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